What is Ping monitoring and how does it work?

Monitoring is a need for online businesses. They are your best ally to ensure that everything goes well. There are many types of businesses on the Internet with specific monitoring needs. The good news is there are also different types of monitoring. Let’s talk about Ping monitoring.

What is Ping monitoring?

Ping monitoring is a method to check the availability and responsiveness of a website, network device (switches, routers, servers, etc.), or any computer.

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ICMP Ping Monitoring service is frequently used by IT professionals and administrators of networks. It helps them to monitor network performance constantly, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and detect and diagnose potential issues before they become a nightmare for you and your IT team.

The term “ping” comes from the sound that a sonar produces, which is similar to the way this monitoring method checks network connectivity. In a few words, by sending a “ping” (a data packet) to the device you want to check, you can obtain useful information.

How does Ping monitoring work?

Ping monitoring works by sending a “ping” (data packet) to the specific network device, computer, or website you want to check. The ping has a request for the device to answer in the same way, meaning through another “ping.” Additionally, when the “ping” is sent, a timer starts, and it keeps running during the complete process, including when the device receives the “ping” (the request to answer) and when it responds through a “ping”. The timer stops exactly when the “ping” answer is received. Then, the round-trip time or RTT is measured. The result will show the total time that it took for the complete “ping” process to happen. It is measured in milliseconds.

If everything is ok, Ping monitoring will keep its surveillance. But if it detects a problem, it will inform you about it. To enable it, you just need to indicate the IP address of the device or website and set up the frequency for the checking. Then you enter the way to contact the responsible in case of issue detection. The information it collects becomes a useful file to realize changes, and new needs, to react on time.

Ping monitoring is what you need to permanently check the availability of your website, for instance. Having an online business and keeping it available is essential for getting profits. Downtime is a common enemy for all website owners and administrators, but some websites may handle it better than others. The worst that can happen to you is not knowing when your website is experiencing downtime. That’s why you need Ping monitoring. It can monitor 24/7, and with the information it collects, you can not only fix faster and more accurately the problem, but also prevent it.


Ping monitoring is a simple but helpful method. Put the surveillance of your website, network, or devices on its hands. Let it work for you, and be always informed and ready to prevent downtime and other annoying connectivity problems.

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