Monitoring service – Everything you need to know

The topic of our first article is exactly what is a Monitoring service. Yes, here we will explain in detail what you need to know first, if you are now entering this field or just want to secure your site a little more, for example. So, I’ll give you more information on what we’ll talk about in a moment. First, we’ll start with the definition of the Monitoring service, and then we’ll explain why it’s useful. Finally, we’ll cover a ubiquitous question, which is about the cost of this service. If this sounds interesting to you, let’s start.

Monitoring service: Definition

Monitoring services are a broad category of goods that enable analysts to assess whether IT equipment is online and operating at expected levels, as well as to resolve any issues that are discovered.

Fantastic Monitoring service with incredible features!

It gives thorough information about the condition of your servers, which you use for a number of services, including web, email, DNS, and others. Simple inspections and advanced instruments that can evaluate a product’s performance in great detail and even automate repairs when defects are found are all types of monitoring service solutions that are available. In fact, this is implemented thanks to so-called Monitoring Checks. There are many types, and each company offers different ones. However, some of the most popular and commonly used are TCP Monitoring, Heartbeat Monitoring, DNS Monitoring, etc.

Do I need it?

Selecting a Monitoring service has several compelling advantages. Here are a few examples:

  • Boost security. Prevention is the key to avoiding downtime and DNS outages, and the Monitoring service can help you identify and stop various problems that lead to downtime and DNS outages. It’s a straightforward and basic process. When you have up-to-date information, you can react very rapidly.
  • Visibility on the network. The Monitoring service improves visibility by displaying real-time network performance data, issuing alerts via email and SMS, and presenting it understandably.
  • Cost-effective. Network issues can be expected, but calamities cannot be. Avoidance is always preferable because downtime costs the company money. Monitoring services accomplish just that by keeping a watch on diverse network activity and spot problems early. It is a cost-effective solution because there won’t be any downtime or revenue loss as a result.
  • SLA reports. Network availability compliance is valued highly by IT professionals and managed service providers. You can more easily meet SLA standards and guarantee the clients’ level of satisfaction by using the Monitoring service’s capacity to monitor performance.

Is the Monitoring service expensive?

Absolutely not! There is a Free Monitoring service completely free. It provides the essential features of the service. So it includes limited monitoring checks, monitoring intervals, and longer log retention days. In other words, Free Monitoring is better suited for small businesses with sites that receive fewer queries and web traffic. However, if your company is significant, you should choose the monitoring service from the paid plans. 


Congratulations! You accomplish the first step to becoming a guru in the Monitoring service. Now you know its purpose, why it is beneficial, and how expensive it is. 

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